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About Us


Gypsy Nickel Lounge opened its doors November 2011. Brett Alward (owner of The Rezevoir Lounge, formerly Sazerac Lounge, in Grand Rapids) & Chris Mullins began this project in 2010. After doing significant research, it was apparent what Big Rapids was missing. Big Rapids had several places to eat and drink but did not have a place that could satisfy both areas without compromising one significantly. Brett Alward has always said “it is much more enjoyable to eat in a bar than to drink in a restaurant”. That is the philosophy of Gypsy Nickel. Gypsy offers a variety of your standard menu items along with an assortment of unique items all made in house and made to order. Gypsy is not in the business of flipping tables (business practiced by chain restaurants to get as many people in and out as possible to maximize sales), rather, Gypsy is content with guests staying 2-3 hours.


Gypsy uniqueness doesn’t end there. Gypsy offers 15 craft beers on tap every day (significantly more than any other place in Big Rapids) and a vast liquor selection that enables Gypsy to offer more than 20 Martinis and 250 interesting cocktails. Gypsy offers a Mug Club Membership and Growlers (64oz container with the Gypsy logo that you can bring in and fill with your favorite craft beer).


Although the offerings mentioned above are unique they pale in comparison to the most unique and amazing part of the Gypsy Nickel Lounge. Gypsy has an incredible deck that overlooks the Muskegon River. The beautiful sounds of the river running and a bright sun beaming down on you is an experience you just can’t get anywhere else.


We won’t leave a light on for you but we will save a seat and have a cold glass of your favorite Ale waiting for you.

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